Web site Design, support, and training

It seems as though everyone can figure out how to develop a web site nowadays right?!  Maybe you have tried and have gotten stuck?  This is where I can help!  With over 25 years (yikes!) in website design, I have the experience that you need to get your site running correctly, or point you in a direction to get it working again.  I love to teach others how to be in charge of their own website but I am always here for help, advice, or just to fix it!  Because let’s be real, sometimes you just want it done so you can do your job!


website designSpecializing in small wordpress websites and legacy design fixes/repairs and updates, I can create from scratch or take over  a site you need help with. I charge a flat hourly fee for all services.  One hour I can work on your web site and the next hour I can work on your logo design, it is all driven by you and your needs.


  • website design
  • website maintenance
  • website analysis
  • search engines optimization
  • website content writing

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Story time!

A few years ago, I had quoted and organization an entire new website.  They decided to go with another bigger firm.  You can’t win them all, so that’s ok I want people to find the right fit for them.  Fast forward a year later, I was then contacted by the same organization to HELP them.  They had their new site up but it was not working properly and the relationship had taken a bit of a turn in the wrong direction with the big firm.  So I stepped in and assessed the website and gave them some clear ideas of what they could do to fix their site and at least attempt to get it functioning in a reasonable amount of time.  I have now been working on an hourly basis with the organization doing basic updating and/or whatever needs arise for over a year.  They are free to do as much or as little – but I am just an email away to help them whenever they need it!

“Jen has been a great resource for us, and has been our “go to” person for website issues for the past year. She is very helpful and quick to respond to our various concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing website support.”


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