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Navigating Through Time: Our Web Design Journey Since the ’90s

Remember the era of Netscape Navigator and the melodious “You’ve Got Mail” chime? Ah, the ’90s—a simpler time, yet a revolutionary period for the digital world. Guess what? We’ve been rocking the web design arena since 1998. And just like the internet, we’ve transformed, evolved, and even had our ups and downs. But hey, who hasn’t? And just like the transformation from the Internet to Web 2.0, we are ready to evolve and adapt to what is ahead (hint: AI!) – are you ready?

Who We Are
J Maze Design isn’t just another digital agency. We’re artists, innovators, and business strategists rolled into one. At the core of our identity is a relentless commitment to impeccable design and user experience. We don’t just make things look pretty—we aim for a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our guiding philosophy? Good design dictates experience, and we’re all about the good stuff!

Expertise Highlights: Because Bragging Rights Are Okay Sometimes
? Published Author:
Featured in Business NH Magazine, NSAA Magazine, Business NH Review, Yahoo Contributor, and many more. Yup, we’ve got a way with words.

? Highlighted Speaker:
Our passion for marketing led us to become speakers in the ski industry, educating folks on the revolutionary Ski PRISM CMS system. Who said marketers can’t be educators?

? Design Maestros:
We’ve led high-impact, user-centered campaigns boasting emotional depth, top-notch production values, and intuitive navigation.

? Team Players:
Whether flying solo or collaborating with a team, our outlook is relentlessly positive. We focus on goals, not obstacles.

? Business-Savvy:
Our keen business sense ensures that our designs aren’t just eye candy—they align with your business objectives, all without breaking the bank.

The Goal? Your Success
We get it; sometimes clients have their own vision. Our job isn’t to steamroll over your ideas, but to channel them into something extraordinary. We might not always see eye-to-eye, but trust us, we’re always gunning for what’s best for you and your business.

Still reading? You must be as hooked as we were the first time we heard that “You’ve Got Mail” chime. And there’s more where that came from! Dive into our Portfolio to see some of the magic we’ve made, or hit up our Blog for some juicy reads.

Let’s create something exceptional together.

The J Maze Design Team

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